Eye Officers


Dan Cowan.jpg

Dan Cowan

Dan is president of The Eye for 2018-2019. He served as director of Campus Reads: The Disaster Artist for the 2017-2018 year. Dan is a liberal arts major and member of the Alternative Spring Break Club at NHTI—Concord's Community College.

Zack Jameson.jpg

Zack Jameson

Zack is vice-president of The Eye for 2018-2019. Zack is proud of spelling his name with a “k” rather than an “h”—please don’t confuse that. Zack is busy organizing a literary journal conference for November 2018. 

Zach OShaughnessy.jpg

Zach O’Shaughnessy

Zach (with an “h”) was elected secretary of The Eye, having joined the board of editors in early 2018.

Cassie Baldinger.jpg

Cassie Baldinger

Cassie was elected web editor of The Eye for the 2018-2019 year. A freshman, she recently joined The Eye.

Rachel Pitt.jpg

Rachel Pitt

Rachel was elected treasurer and systems manager of The Eye for 2018-2019.