C Payan

My spirit is a hurricane; molecular, transmogrified

A violent bout of thundersnow; ionized, electrified

And even though my spirit is haunted by that shadowed Nevermore

By that gaunt and ghastly raven that stalks the ghost of Baltimore

The molten fury flows, the ember spark it grows

And it glows in my bones and ignites the heart of stone

I am alone, forsworn, dashed by my own hands

A specter roaming, an errant being in those lands

Yet I am an inferno, a twisted blade set aflame

A towering inferno, you will know be by my name

And though I may be but a transient being in this life

In this strife, I continue onward toward that mountain peak

I seek a destiny chosen with my own broken hands

A future among these broken lands

And the sands of fate, the imperceptible roar of time itself

Can not stop me now